Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Changing View

The top part of my header, is the view from our  summer cabin, looking to the southwest.
and this is the view looking directly south. That it Roundtop Mountain.
There is a winding, four wheel drive jeep road to the top, and I have been up there many times.
Then there are days that it looks like this (same view). Yes, those are just low clouds.
My personal favorite, is when just little wispy clouds float by. As you can see, you can even be entertained by looking out the window, at the ever changing view.


  1. The name of the mountain is perfect, and you are correct about the best view; great photos.

  2. Wow such great views you have there, no matter there are clouds or not.

  3. Ohh, what a beautiful panorama! I've already liked your private corner but now I have to like this terrace and beautiful mountain too :)

  4. Spectacular. Truly!! You make me want to ditch it all and follow suit. ;)