Thursday, June 11, 2015

Party Numer One

The official first party of the season, in this little town,is the Local Art Show. It is always fun to attend, since there are folks that you haven't seen since last summer. We all look a year older, but I guess that happens! The local restaurants furnish the food, and there is always a punch bowl, and cash bar. Everyone is welcome to display and or sell their art.

My neighbor Annie painted this cute little fox. Annie and her husband winter in the Napa Valley.

There was a nice selection  Some of the artist I didn't know.

This is a photograph of favorite place to go around here, on a 4 wheel drive trip. It's way in the top of the mountain and called American Basin. We are attending  a wedding up there in July, which is when it will be covered in wild flowers.

There were also several photographs

One of my favorites was of this old barn, just north of town. People love to photograph it.
Now I feel that summer has officially begun!

I am now in Mountain Time Zone, instead of the Central Time Zone, which is why I am posting later.


  1. Great selection and variety of art works!

  2. I love little local art shows. And I love supporting local artists. :)

  3. Quite a selection, and beautiful work!

  4. Lovely artwork. A nice start to summer. Cute fox.

  5. That looks realy nice, talented people overthere.