Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summertime Fun

There are so many things to do around here, especially for the physically fit.
Our daughter's family has been here all week, and they found more than enough activities to keep them entertained.
If you don't want to go hiking, fishing, 4 wheeling, rafting or horseback riding, you can always go kayaking..
 It is great exercise
and can be very relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing. Grandson Jack has the right idea.
This is one of my favorite things to do.

I hope that you too are having a relaxing week out there in blog land.


  1. Grandson Jack thinks along the same line as moi :)

  2. Grandson Jack thinks along the same line as moi :)

  3. Jack is a kindred spirit of mine, for sure. (and very handsome.)

  4. A good hammock is very welcome indeed!

  5. What a beautiful backdrop to that lake! This summer, I'd like to kayak on Lake Dillon - I haven't done it for years. It's not only pretty to be on the water, it's a great upper-body workout. Meanwhile, your grandson, Jack, has a good idea! (I have a Jack, too.)

  6. What a great activity! And the landscape is unbelievable on picture #4.

  7. Dearest Janey,
    Wow, you really live in God's country! Looks just fabulous. ENJOY.

  8. I just wondered, can you also just relax and read a book overthere, but you answered my question with the last picture. But it looks like paradise there.

    1. It is hard to sit still married to Tom. He wants to go go.go...and tries in earnest to have me tag ,along.Most of the time I am a good sport.

  9. Reading and kayaking, both wonderful activities. Loved to see your grandson reading a book, an actual book!!