Saturday, June 27, 2015

Nothing Fancy

We  don't have a lot of fancy places to stay in our little town. No resorts with swimming pools, or high rise condos with balconies. What we do have, are a lot of little old fashioned, rustic if you will, tourist cabins. After the the mining days, this place almost dried up, until folks from Texas discovered how good the fishing was, and the cool summer temperatures.
These little one and two bedrooms cabins were built between 1938 and 1947. They are right in town, so you can park your car, and walk most anywhere you want to go.
This particular cabin caught my eye the other day on my walk, because someone had built
a little play house in the side yard.
Come to our town where you can be a kid again!


  1. Rustic, housekeeping cabins are the best! Forget about pools and saunas; just find one of these cabins near a lake or mountain, and it's the best kind of vacation relaxation.

  2. These were built way back when they were called tourist courts. Cabins sounds so much better!

  3. The cabins remind me of a resort friends of my parents owned for many years in northern Ontario.

  4. Dearest Janey,
    It is a blessing for finding such peace and natural beauty in nowaday's hectic life!

  5. Our town is crazy-busy with tourists! Luckily, my house is away from the hubbub. I think I'd enjoy the peacefulness of your little town.

  6. Such nice cabins, and that sweet little one is so cute.