Sunday, June 14, 2015

Opening Night

Last night Tom and I headed over Slumgullion Pass, on a rainy cool evening, to the opening night dinner, and play at our favorite repertory theater (about an hours drive).
It is truly a beautiful trip, even in this weather. Note, we do not have to deal with a lot of traffic. That is Bristol Head Peak ahead on the left.
Zooming in, and through the windshield.
The dinner is always in an old mine, now the community center, under this mountain.
The twinkly lights marking the entrance.
Then, it is a short walk...or drive since it was raining, to the old Opera House, that now houses the theater, and has for fifty years.
Posing here, at intermission, with two Lake City friends(me on the left). Ceil and Sandra, and I are all three hostesses in Lake City at the wildly successful  :) Victorian High Tea, held in August. Oh, the play was Guys and Dolls, and it was terrific. It was a long drive back over the mountain. I have to stay awake and watch for animals, for the driver, that seem to like to hang out on the warm pavement late at night. The trees on top of the pass had fresh snow on them, on our return trip. A fun filled evening.


  1. Guess you have to be a real "Pioneer" to navigate those passes at night!

  2. such a beautiful area and a lovely night! glad you made it home safely!

  3. Simply beautiful landscapes with those dramatic clouds!

  4. What a magical journey, I suspect it looks different each time you drive through the mountains depending on the sky and cloud formations.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Janey! and BTW what timing with your comment at my place - only put the Scot on the plane this morning, so your request for an update will be posted in the next week or so cheeky girl! :) xxx

  6. Quite a beautiful looking building... and the drive in is outstanding!