Sunday, June 28, 2015

Trail Runner's

A huge group of really fit runner's converge on our little town, for a marathon and a half through the mountains, every year near the summer solstice.
Looking like fire flies in the night, they gather downtown for the very early...very cool 5am start.

and they are off!
Here, the runners experience the first of many icy cold streams they must cross. Higher altitudes (they have a 14,000 ft altitude gain on the race), will have them crossing snow fields.

Here comes our winner. A twenty nine year old web designer from Aspen, CO. 9hrs.4min.
We were amazed that he didn't even look tired.

In case you were wondering if I ran the race. Aww, no. That would be me on the left....under the tallest shade tree with my friend Betty....Cheering as the runners came in,
and that would be my Tom, in the center of this picture, who you can always count on  to volunteer.

photo credit to: Silver World Newspaper for the start of the race photos.


  1. Fireflies is a good comparison!

  2. Good that you are out there supporting the runners.

  3. There have to be people to cheer them, isn't it and you sacrificed yourself to do so :) Great job.

  4. That's quite a way to see in the summer!