Monday, June 8, 2015

The First Hike

I do hike while we are  in  Colorado for the summer. Matter of fact, I climbed a 13,00 foot peak, a few years ago. Although, I do not go on the weekly hike, with the local hiking club. Tom for some reason really wanted me to go this week. He kept saying "the first hike is like a walk in the park, and several other women go." Alright already, I will go.
Everyone meets down in town, so that we can ride together. You can not tell, by looking at this picture, that it was 41 degrees!
If you are in Lake City...this is something free to do. An escorted hike. Wear proper shoes, bring water, rain gear and your own lunch.
This hike doesn't not have a name, otherwise I would have looked it up...and discovered it is not a walk in the park! That is me looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy in three layers of clothing. (first on the left).
It started out innocent enough. A gradual climb up through the Aspen Trees.

There was a pretty little pond along the way
and some pretty vistas....although the trail continued to get steeper and steeper, my boot sliding backwards with every step.
By now, my back was hurting. We had carried all of the furniture up onto the deck the day before...and I must have lifted something that was just too heavy.Or maybe, it was all of those layers of clothes? So, I excused myself, and said I was going back down. Tom didn't want me going alone, and meet up with a bear, or a mountain loin (chivalry is still alive and well here in the mountains), so he came back down with me. First time I had ever turned back.I can assure you though...this hike is no walk in the park!
You were nice enough not to ask...but yes, even the older gentleman, with the knee brace made it to the top.


  1. But the part you did looks beautiful!

  2. It is always good to listen to your body. I'd be wary of DH's description in the future, tho!!

  3. Good for you! You gave it a go! You probably needed to acclimate to the elevation there, too. My daughter and her husband hiked with friends up Grays and Torreys Peak, yesterday. It's near Georgetown. There was snow and they wore snow shoes. I believe it's one of the 14ers. They had a 9 mile round trip hike and loved every minute of it. This is why I can't get the child to move home. LOL!!

  4. :) sometimes it is best to pace yourself and know your limits!

  5. What beautiful views. I think acclimatizing to the altitude would be an issue, just taking time.

  6. O dear, don't force yourself, it must be a joy to walk and not a challenge. I suppose you don't go anymore with the walking society...