Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch

I've always disliked that phrase (ladies who lunch). Sounds like a bunch of ladies who have nothing better to do. The ladies in this picture are constantly busy giving back to their community, even when they just live here in the summer The majority of them living elsewhere in the winter.
They just happen to make time on Thursdays, at noon, to have lunch together. We usually meet at a local restaurant, but  we wanted to try  out the new gazebo at our pretty little beach. So, we all packed a picnic, and enjoyed the shade in the gazebo, the  constant breeze  blowing through, and the sounds of the river crashing by..

We had so much fun, we did it again this Thursday. Picnicking at the county pavilion at Red Mountain gulch.
Do you like to picnic in the summer?!


  1. how delightful, and fun! Good for you. And I've never heard that term, if you can believe that!

  2. Gazebos are very appealing. I like the look of this one.

  3. I can see you have a great time there with lots of friends. I must admit I never have a picnic here, the weather is too unpredictable. Often rains and now a heatwave!

  4. DH and I have been going to a beautiful park lately on our sunny, cool days for a quick supper picnic. So much more fun than home! You women certainly have a good time together. "Ladies": (to me) seems to be such an old-fashioned, outdated word.