Friday, June 26, 2015

New Faces in Town

We are always happy to see new faces in this little mountain town, especially young ones. Don't get me wrong, all new people are welcomed with open arms around here.
I met this new, young couple, last week at the movie theater open house. When folks see a new face around here. They will say something like "why don't I know you?" Which is exactly what I said. Seems a couple of years ago, they rode motorcycles through this town, fell in love with it.... and bought a cabin. Trust me folks, that is not uncommon. It is a long commute for them, since they are still working, and live in Michigan.

I visited with them for awhile, and found out that they both work for a major airline. I of course discussed the fact that I was a stew back in the sixties. I need to work on not talking so much about myself, and ask more questions. I left without even asking WHAT they did for that major airline.

Imagine my surprise when I later found out they are both captains ...and that pretty little blond pilots an Airbus!!!!


  1. Yes we "oldies" have to learn to think different don't we? Professions have changed a lot :). They both look very cute.

  2. When we were flying, Janie, a female pilot or co-pilot was uncommon, probably zero. These two are happy wanderers!

  3. What a great story! Thanks for sharing and have a nice flying :)

  4. Dearest Janey,
    Small world in fact as you all have been up in the air so to speak. But both being a captain is special!